If you do not feel completely confident taking your own measurements, please take advantage of our free in-home professional measuring service that is available within London and Essex.

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Measuring Basics

• Always use a steel tape measure, preferably 2cm (3/4") to 2.5cm (1") wide.

• Measure the width first, then the height. Width is listed first when you order the window covering, so it's a good habit to measure it first to help prevent transposing the two measurements.

• Record all measurements immediately after you make them. Don't rely on your memory.

• Measure each window separately, even if they appear to be the same size.

• Examine the window opening for potential trouble spots, such as protruding window latches or handles.

Measuring for Inside Recess Measurement

• Make three measurements for each dimension.

• Measure the window opening width at the top, centre, and bottom.

• Measure the window opening height at the left, centre, and right.

• Record the smallest width and height measurements.

• Measure the window opening on the diagonals. If the two diagonal dimensions are not exactly the same, you may wish to specify an outside mount for optimal privacy and light control. Inside Mounting Depth

• If the window covering cannot be fully recessed, please be aware that a certain portion will protrude outside the window opening. Remember to add any extra amount required to clear obstructions such as window latches or handles to the minimum mounting depth.

Measuring for Outside Blind Size

• Measure the desired width and height at the centre of the window opening.

• Allow for the recommended overlap for the specific window covering being ordered to minimize light gaps.

• If the window has moulding around it and you are not mounting onto the moulding be sure your height measurement allows for the mounting of the shade above the moulding.

If you've read our guides but need a little more advice why not send us a photo of your window via email or give us a call.